8 Bears Doing Human Things

We love to project human actions or thoughts onto animals, and it can be done with almost any animal – even bears. We found some awesome pictures of very expressive bears that look like they could be thinking or doing some of the things that we do every day. Bears aren’t that different from humans. Did you know bears enjoy theatre and camping just as much as we do? Enjoy ;]

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5 pics with World War II Equipment Swallowed By Trees In Russia

War is perhaps one of the most shameful and terrible things that the human race participates in on a regular basis. These images of WW2 military equipment being swallowed by plants and trees in Russia serve as multifaceted metaphorical statements on the relationship between war and the rest of the world….
The majority of the gear represents Russian arms used during World War 2, although there are German weapons as well – the area was the staging ground of an important part of the German army’s terrible Siege of Leningrad. – The Fascinating Pics Team

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7 Portraits Of Boston Marathon Survivors See Runners Returning To The Finish Line To Look Back

It has been just over a year since the Boston Marathon bombing. So to reflect on the events of April 15, 2013, Boston Marathon survivors returned to the finish line with uplifting messages painted on their skin. Photographer Robert Fogarty of Dear World, a message-on-skin photography project, prepared the portraits of the survivors.
While quite a few people declined Fogarty’s offer, a handful of runners and bystanders decided to participate and were photographed. For each portrait, which Fogarty shot in late February and early March, he asked his subject to choose something they’d like to say to the world. Some of these will definitely inspire you…

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Can You Find Momo The Hide-And-Seek Dog in these 7 pics?

Andrew Knapp and his beautiful dog Momo the border collie, have a unique on-going game that they play with thousands of fans all over the world. The two best buddies have been find tons of great locations for Momo to hide in everywhere they go – urban areas, shops, yards, fields and neighbourhoods. Momo’s delightful antics are always captured on camera and shared with their fans on their blog.

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Start Your Day Off Cute With A Kitty-Shaped Marshmallow In Your Drink! Check these 5 pics!

There’s nothing like a hot drink topped with fluffy marshmallows to start (or finish) the day off right, but a Japanese store called Marshmallow Shop Yawahada has created an even better way to accent your coffee, hot chocolate, or tea. Marshmallows shaped like curious kitties and precious pawprints will warm your heart while you warm your belly, and the best part is that they taste great, too! Just look how irresistible these are!

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7 Incredible Encounters with the World’s Most Dangerous Predators

You probably have never seen encounters like this before. Humans and all animal species can truly live together in peace. Check out these 7 stunning pictures! We have also included interesting facts, enjoy! – The Fascinating Pics Team

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6 Most Dangerous Cities In The World

A collection of some of the most Dangerous Cities in the world, you better think twice before visiting this cities…. Is your city on this list? Find out! This list starts off with Recife in Brazil, one of the most dangerous cities in South America…come to think of it: Most of the cities in this list are located in South America!

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6 Incredibly Cute Baby Bunnies Will Make Your Day!

These pictures will definitely make you hoppy! Baby bunnies just make you smile, that’s why we have made a collection of the cutest pictures we could find across the internet. We hope you enjoy the pics! – The Fascinating Pics Team

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7 Amazing milky way pics, you will never look the same to the stars again!

A collection of some of the most fascinating pics of our milky way you have ever seen! These pics will change the way you look at our galaxy, there’s so much beauty and yet to be discovered out there. – The Fascinating Pics Team

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Rhino poaching must stop now! 6 images showing you Africa’s bloody war to save its rhinos…

With rhino horn in demand in south-east Asia for its supposed medicinal purposes, South Africa and its neighbours are fighting an increasingly gruesome battle against poachers, including armed security guards and electronic tagging. South Africa is home to 83% of Africa’s rhinos and 73% of all wild rhinos worldwide and is an incredibly important country for rhino conservation. However rhino poaching has reached a crisis point, and if the killing continues at this rate, we could see rhino deaths overtaking births in 2016-2018, meaning rhinos could go extinct in the very near future. Figures compiled by the South African Department of Environmental affairs show the dramatic escalation in poaching over recent years….We really must stop this..

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6 Vintage Easter Bunny Photos That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Whoever designed these costumes should probably work at a haunted house. And you thought the rabbit from Donnie Darko was creepy. This is a collection of some of the most scary and just horrible looking easter bunny suits!

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8 Mind-Blowing Aerial Photographs From Around The World

Yann Atus Berdrant specializes in aerial photography of natural landscapes. In other words, he gives he might be the one person who knows what it’s like to be a bird. In a just a small sample of his photography, you’ll see profoundly beautiful shots of Israel, Chile, Indonesia, and Brazil – just to name a few.

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Puzzle time! Snow has fallen on the pyramids for the first time in 112 years….

Amazing pictures claiming to show Snowfall cover on the popular monuments Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt have been circulating online post a rare snowfall hit the area. But are these pics real or not?

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6 Insanely Realistic Pencil Drawings

A set of crazy detailed and realistic pencil drawings, these are superb awesome! Be amazed and enjoy!- The Fascinating Pics Team ( Johnny Depp inside :D)

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These 7 Tree Houses Are More Whimsical Than Your Wildest Dreams And They Actually EXIST!

One look at these tree houses and you’ll realize that you’re never too old to live out your childhood dreams…and maybe even make them crazier! – The Fascinating Pics Team

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These 7 Delightful Surreal Photos Will Brush Your Sadness Away

Hamburg-based art director Robert Jahns, aka nois7 on Instagram, creates stunning surreal photo manipulations full of bright colors and daring characters ready to boost your spirit. The themes of his creations revolves around fearless characters brave enough to be different, to take risks and to enjoy the freedom of their own imagination. Moreover, the photos are always accompanied with Jahns’s insightful messages, which make the experience even more inspirational.

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7 Graphs That Reveal Painfully True Facts About Everyday Life

Danish writer/artist duo Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler create comedy cartoons and graphs depicting the everyday struggles, irritations, and insights of their fellow Westerners. Official-looking graphs show unofficial statistics from our daily lives that are at once unexpected and glaringly obvious.

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7 Optical Illusions That Prove You Have a Dirty Mind

These optical illusion pictures prove that every single one of us has a dirty mind. Haha, you have to admit you saw something dirty in these pictures too :V

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A Bear And a Wolf, these 6 Pics Show You They Can Actually Be Best Friends!

Photographer Lassa Rautiainen stumbled upon the most heartwarming–and unlikely–of friendships in the woods of Finland. It seems impossible, but this bear and wolf are best friends! – The Fascinating Pics Team

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Marutaro Is The Cutest Hedgehog Superstar On Twitter! These 6 pics will show you why!

Meet Marutaro, who is apparently the most famous hedgehog in the world right now. This little Japanese fellow already has more than 48,000 followers(fascinating!) on Twitter and more than 27,000 fans on Vine(even on Vine?) who are there for his amusing photographs and videos. Out of thousands of amusing pictures uploaded by his owner, this series with funny smiles added to Marutaro’s face seems to be the most delightful! BTW: We’re not going to lie, this little guy has got more followers on Vine than all the Fascinating Pics Team members combined!

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